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Lindsay Wells

Pregnancy Yoga and Breastfeeding Support Nurse

Lindsay Wells - Pregnancy Yoga and Support Nurse

My name is Lindsay and I'm a mum of 3. I've been a qualified nurse for many many years and am Senior Sister at a busy Emergency Department.  I met Elisabeth there and together - seeing people attend who would be better served elsewhere and children arrive that we wanted to help beyond their 'acute' emergency - we started talking about a future where we could help with this.  


I used baby massage for all 3 of my children so far as a lovely bonding experience and found it helped my middle son with colic so am really pleased to be part of a team getting this life skill out to others to be a part of.

I'm also looking forward to completing my training as a pregnancy and baby yoga instructor as enjoyed both these throughout my pregnancy.  My future role with Cotton official breastfeeding peer support - especially having had troubles with one child with a missed tongue tie, I found the support I received invaluable as it allowed me to continue to breastfeed which was so important to me.  I can't wait to be able to offer this one to one and group support to the community and new mums.  

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