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  • When is a good time to start massaging my baby?
    We, and the IAIM, recommend that you can start to massage your baby during the 'quiet alert state'. As you learn your baby's cues you will know it is the right time.
  • What kind of oil should I use?
    Generally, we recommend a cold pressed, unscented fruit and vegetable oil such as safflower, sunflower or fractionated coconut oil. These types of oils are non-toxic, safe if ingested and contain natural nutrients such as vitamin E and help prevent rancidity. They are also less slippery when applied so it's safer to handle your baby after application. We will provide you a small bottle of cold-pressed organic vegetable oil for your starter kit, and refill this during your course.
  • Why should I attend an infant massage course?
    Whilst we understand there are many videos and book references available, learning with a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI or CEIM) is a more hands-on, interactive and personal experience. IAIM instructors teach each of the strokes one-by-one so you will feel comfortable and confident that you are doing them correctly. CIMIs also help you understand your baby's responses and can help answer any questions you may have about touch, bonding/attachment and other topics. During an infant massage class, you will also benefit from interaction, knowledge and experience from other parents.
  • How long does a course last for?
    We like to introduce babies to massage at their own pace. During our infant massage classes, you will be introduced to new information each week and build on previously taught techniques. Our course is designed over a 5 week period with each session lasting around 90 minutes to build relationships between parent and baby to instil trust and create positive associations. Long term training sessions also encourage engagement between parents fostering opportunities for ongoing support and friendships long after the classes are over.
  • Can both parents attend infant massage classes?
    We encourage both parents to participate in Infant Massage classes. This gives your baby a chance to bond with each parent in his/her own way. Fathers and Mothers often develop different styles and unique ways to interact with their babies, and these classes are a great way for both parents to form a life-long bond with their child.
  • How often can I massage my baby?
    We recommend you follow your baby's cue's. It is wonderful to introduce a massage as part of your daily routine. Depending on your baby, he/she may be receptive in the morning, after a bath or before bedtime. We find that sometimes your baby may only be receptive to a partial massage at any one time. Many of the benefits are increased with regular daily massages, and some babies happily recieve more than one massage a day.
  • When can I begin massaging my baby?
    Introducing touch can be started soon after birth. Start with skin-to-skin contact, such as placing the baby on your chest. Gradually, introduce back and leg strokes and then involve other parts of the body. By following your babie's cues, looking for signs of being quiet and alert, you can begin massage during the first few weeks after birth and then gradually develop a nurturing routine that will last a lifetime. We extend this teaching during our massage course if you wish to have a better understanding of the techniques.
  • What if my baby has special needs?
    Infant massage can be very helpful for babies who have experienced challenges in their lives. It can present a wonderful way to strengthen the communication between parents and their children. We can guide you as you progress through our course and provide you with additional resources. Feel free to discuss your concerns with us in more detail.
  • What should I consider when looking to start an infant/baby massage class?
    We always recommend looking for a CIMI or CEIM qualified instructor. You can find a list of instructors in your area here. Qualified instructors provide their course over a 5+ week period so that new strokes and techniques can be introduced gradually. We also recommend looking for the quality of the content provided. Cotton Family provide an online members area where all your course information can be accessed long after your course is complete.
  • What should I bring to a course?
    First we recommend you bring your baby! along with nappies, wet wipes and a change of clothes. We provide pillows and blankets, however do feel free to bring your own massage pillow, blanket and something that has your own smell on it. During each session (for the duration of the course) we will ensure you have enough oil to last the week and provide any top-ups as you may need for free. However, feel free to use your own sourced oil if you find this more suitable for your baby.
When is a good time to start baby massage?
What kind of oil should I use?
Why should I attend?
How long is the course?
Can both parents attend?
How often can I massage?
When can I start baby massage?
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What things to consider with a baby massage course?
What should I bring?
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