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The first in a series, My Special Powers of the Universe flows through 4 beautifully illustrated stories with characters children will engage with and love, teaching the importance of beliefs, mentorship, persistence and awareness to gain a positive outlook and become emotionally resilient in today's challenging world. 


Authored by Elisabeth Fairbiarn

A book of engaging stories to help children gain a positive outlook in today's challenging world

My Special Powers of the Universe

In each book, kids get to experience:

4 Engaging Stories

The stories teach about building resilience, empowering kids to be persistent and become self aware. 

4 Powerful Affirmations

Each story ends with an affirmation, encouraging you to develop your own based on your experience.

4 key Alignments

Each story focuses on one tool for growing a childs mindset. 

FREE Activity Book

Accompany this spectacular book with a FREE downloadable activity booklet and discover even more powers!

Activity Book
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