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Available NOW on Amazon, My Special Powers of the Universe is a childrens book authored by Elisabeth Fairbairn that teaches the importance of beliefs, mentorship, persistence and awareness to gain a positive outlook and become emotionally resilient in today's challenging world. 

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C19 - Wash Your Hands Regularly


C19 - Keep Your Distance | Social Distancing
C19 - Keep Your Distance | Social Distancing


C19 Stay At Home
C19 - Keep Your Distance | Stay At Home




Baby Massage Course by Cotton Family, Ashford

Baby Massage

Touch happens to be the most developed, and important communication tool between you and your baby, creating the foundations for a stronger bond. A daily massage can bring your baby stimulation, relaxation, relief and development. 

Take a look at our accredited IAIM UK baby massage course here.

Life Coaching

When it's time to focus on your goals, sometimes things can become overwhelming, even unmanageable. Coaching, can help see you through this. From career changes to achieving personal ambitions, each goal is unique and valuable to our own beliefs. Cotton Family finds a strategy that works for you.

Life coaching by Cotton Family, Ashford

CPR Course

It only takes 3-4 minutes for someone to become brain dead due to the lack of oxygen in their brain. 

If you are not familiar with what a cardiac arrest looks like in someone in critical need, have yo thought about taking a CPR course?

CPR Course by Cotton Family, Ashford

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