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Elisabeth Fairbairn

Instructor and CEO of Cotton Family

Cotton Family | Ashford | Elisabeth Fairbairn

I’ve always been interested in children, health and education. I was privileged to have what I think of as a magical childhood for which I shall always be grateful to my parents and siblings.  It filled me with a desire to help every other child I could have a childhood they deserved - filled with happiness, health and a little bit of magic.


Since my teens, I’ve been reading books on childcare - putting them into practice with nanny style jobs and then with my own little one when older.  My daughter wanted to be tricky from an early age - with a difficult pregnancy and coming to meet the world at 25 weeks. No book prepares you for some of the experiences I’ve gone through and equally met other Mums who have gone through other experiences.  Concepts I’d read about for over a decade (breastfeeding, build up formulas and when to wean, use of medicines, routines to name a few) were turned on their head as many staff and family worked to find individual ways to raise her healthy and happy. With odds of 25% survival and most likely long term concerns - I am so proud to say she beat the odds and is a wonderfully happy healthy and energetic 11-year-old!





...And got me on to the healthcare bug from a young age. And in my early 20’s I completed my training as a nurse.  Over the last 20 years, I worked in various settings - acute, community and lastly as a Senior Sister in Accident and Emergency before becoming a Senior Lecturer in a Nursing University to help build the next generation.


I took the leap to start the Cotton Group as I believe there is a need out there - to educate, to heal, to help - in a collaborative community way.  I’m so proud and amazed at the people who are part of this journey - and look forward to welcoming you to join us in whatever way suits you...whether that's baby massage, toddler massage, CPR for kids or adults or amazing new Kids Coaching Course Foundations for the Future

My mum was an amazing nurse....

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