Katherine Lillicrap

IAIM Accredited Massage Instructor

Accredited with IAIM UK

I have had the privilege to be a stay at home mum for 5 years. It has been the biggest, scariest and most wonderful journey and I love that I can say I am 100% mum.

As my own children grow I have reflected a little on what and why it is that I love motherhood so much. My conclusion (other than that I really love my own children) is that much of the answer lies
in the relationships I have made along the way. Some of the best friendships I enjoy have come from the shared experience of parenthood.

       new or experienced, to find community, support, and friendship in their own parenting journeys. Training with the International Association of Infant Massage as a certified infant massage instructor has been the perfect first step to doing this. Our classes offer practical training in massage techniques as well as opportunities for discussion and sharing experiences with other parents and space to make friendships which last far beyond the
class timetable.



I am thrilled to be offering baby massage classes through Cotton Family and look forward to adding more classes in the future.

"I am passionate about helping other parents..."

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