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Mat Roderick

Life coach, personal trainer, an expert in weight loss and health improvement

Mat Roderick | Cotton Family | Ashford

My passion for health and fitness began at the age of 6 where I pursued my love of football, so much so that I eventually represented Kent and played semi-professionally. Well, that was until a bad knee injury that bought my football playing days to a halt. This change led me to become a personal trainer. Some of my personal activities include obstacle course races, outdoor and indoor fitness sessions (yep....burpees in the mud!) and marathons. Recently, I completed the 66 ultra-marathon from London to Brighton and was such a huge achievement. Putting myself through my own challenges helps me learn the kind of obstacles my clients face and enables me to focus on techniques to overcome these barriers.

Over the last 12 years as a personal trainer for health, wellness and nutrition, I have helped a number of clients' achieve their fitness goals focusing on two main areas; weight loss and fitness improvement. My belief is that fitness and being healthy should be manageable, achievable and even enjoyable.

This means making changes and recommendations that are easily implemented, ensuring that
long term participation in a healthier lifestyle is achievable for all involved. The desire to bring this holistic, encompassing concept to others is what led me to become a life coach.

No matter what your journey has been, I will mentor you to achieving your fitness goals.

To deliver a tailored experience to help you achieve your fitness goal in a manageable and enjoyable way

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