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Health & Fitness Life Coach

Achievable long term healthier lifestyles for all

A holistic approach to your fitness goals

With my focus on fitness and nutritional sustainability, I will help coach you to a better and fitter YOU. There are many challenges people face when looking to improve their fitness; either a busy lifestyle or approaching their fitness goals in the wrong mindset. 

I will mentor you through your journey, building a sustainable plan for long term commitment to your goals.

Matt Roderick | Life Coach | Cotton Family | Ashford
Health Coach Intro

You WILL reach your goals with the right mindset. When we dedicate ourselves to a cause or belief, we are able to achieve amazing things. I have seen many people start the gym (new years resolution ring a bell?) but often I find their mindset, IT LETS THEM DOWN. Whether your goal is an improved fitness regime or to become healthier in your lifestyle, preparation is a key part of success.

I am not a magic cure, I don't counsel you when you're low. I instead am your accountable force that will keep persisting you to move on the journey you wanted. There are challenges along any route we take, and it is hard, yes. But with the right tools support and focus you will succeed.


People often come and say they want to be fitter, or be healthier - but what does that mean? It's individual to them. Through our sessions, I will work with you to identify what it is you want, where you want to be - and then we’ll develop and progress your individual plan to not only reach but surpass the goals you set!

With my background in the personal training and fitness world, along with extensive therapy based experience working with obese patients to achieve long-lasting weight loss and improved quality of life, I aim to give you the tools to a better life and a better you.  Not as a quick fix. Not ‘just’ for the summer bikini season (even if that’s your current goal) - but as a sustainable change that, and here’s the clincher, isn’t a chore! 

Most people have tried all types of diets, medicines, subscriptions and more…..the reason they’ve tried more than one...because when you stop doing it - it stops working. And they’ve often stored up greater issues to have to address the next time round - such as muscle loss or a slower metabolism.


If you’re ready to not just reach your goals but to keep on going...and want a holistic encompassing life change with me as your coach and accountability partner, then book a free consultation today.

My area of expertise and focus

My area of focus is fitness motivation through mentoring sustainable regimes, with a specific interest in lifestyle improvement through sustainable weight loss and nutritional changes.
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Expertise and Focus

I will promise you three things...

3 Promise

Are you ready to make the change?

During your first, free consultation session we will get to know each other, identify your goal and discuss how we will work together to get you there. I believe you and I will have been bought together for a reason and I rise up to that challenge and use the energy to help you with your journey to success. 

Let's get your journey started, and book onto my first FREE consultation session today.