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Personal Development Coach

Solution focused holistic coaching... simplified

I coach people who want to reach their full potential

If you're trying but not achieving, or wanting to change but don't know where to start, then I know I can help you. With the internet in our grasp full of overwhelming information about how we can change, we still don't fully make that break for a change in our lives.

I can help you focus on what really matters, and mentor you towards your goals.

Are you ready to face yourself and grow?


I’ve had my beliefs and ‘plans’ shaken to my core twice now. The first time, oddly, didn’t do it. The second time - I listened. And responded.  I was lucky - most people have to follow the harder daily repetition paths!


I had always had plans - I knew whom I wanted to be and where from a young age. An absolute typical list maker. Some plans came to fruition. Many didn’t. They’d remain on my list but weren’t ever achieved. Sound familiar?


All that changed with the discovery of coaching, changing my paradigms, changing my mindset….plans become productive and fruitful. Life was simpler - not because everything was suddenly easy - its not a magic pill - but because my energy was being focussed where it needed to be to get me to where I wanted to be. 

I became a life coach to help others like me grow and reach their full potential - to help those who are trying so hard but not getting the results they want and not waste another minute of their energy and time in the wrong direction.

My main focuses are:

Career development and improvement

Personal resilience and empowerment

Goal setting and attainment

Family harmony and wellbeing

Productivity management and organisation

Household routines and childcare

With a specific interest in:


I will promise you three things...

  • Clarity Promise - Elisabeth Fairbairn Lifecoach | Cotton Family


    Gain clarity about what you want, why you want it and who you will be when you achieve your goal.

  • Focus Promise - Elisabeth Fairbairn Lifecoach | Cotton Family


    Knowing what you want is only the beginning of your journey. Focusing on your goal enables you to improve confidence and overcome obstacles with a purpose.

  • Mentorship Promise - Elisabeth Fairbairn Lifecoach | Cotton Family


    With mentoring, you will be held accountable for your decisions. This, in some is enough to make difficult changes in their lives. Will it be yours?


Are you ready to make the change?

During your first, free consultation session we will get to know each other, identify your goal and discuss how we will work together to get you there. I believe you and I will have been bought together for a reason and I rise up to that challenge and use the energy to help you with your journey to success. 

I will hold you accountable when you're ready to make the decision to change.

Let's get your journey started, and book onto your first FREE consultation session today.

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We provide health and wellbeing services to the local community, from baby massage to life coaching.

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