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Introducing Life-Coaching

Life coaching. What is it? What does it mean? Who ‘needs’ it? When setting up this essential service I never imagined these would be the circumstances we were all living under for its release. Social isolation and lockdown, world wide pandemic and world wide fear.

These are unprecedented times and they bring challenges never before imagined outside of Hollywood films. Thankfully we are an amazing race. We are resilient. We will survive. And more than that - we will thrive. And that is really what life coaching is all about. Giving people the tools to not just cope with their lives but to improve them. Building their resilience to challenges and obstacles so they become nothing more than opportunities to different and improved paths.

.....and that is really what life coaching is all about.

There is often confusion over the difference between counselling and life coaching - with some people thinking the latter is just those unqualified but giving counselling advice. This is not the case at all. Counselling is an amazing resource that helps people understand challenges in their past, helping them come to terms with something that affected them, helping to lessen the negative effect something may have caused and giving them greater understanding of themselves to help improve their current situations and emotions.

Life coaching is about helping people move forward to where they want to be; helping them achieve goals that they before have not managed - for whatever reason. They focus on a specific project or area and work with you to get you where you want to be. The topics covered are vast and different coaches offer different specialities. The best ones know to work to their own skill sets - its not a case of do as I say...their approaches should work for them!

That is why if you click over to our life coaching page you’ll see we have split the topics in to those covered by both life coaches - but also those specialist to each. Those of you who know me, know I have life coaching (and life!) skills in many areas but I equally recognise my own flaws…..weight loss and staying motivated with exercise is certainly not my strong suit...

That is why I am so thrilled to introduce the newest member to Cotton Family - Mat Roderick. Mat is not only a qualified life coach for many of the most common subjects that people want help with, but he has an exceptional and vast knowledge and background within health and weight loss, having worked with clients who are morbidly obese wanting to lose weight to gym addicts wanting to improve particular areas of their health and life.

Together we hope to help you achieve whatever goal you are aiming for in 2020. Career development, better family life, personal organisation, weight loss….whatever it may be. Why not message us and schedule in a free consultation - to better understand what we do and how it can help you?

Let’s use this enforced reflection time - to move forwards and be ready to take on the world once that gate opens…



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