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What's New?

Over recent weeks, businesses of all different sizes and industries are moving out of restricted lockdown and opening up their doors to welcome back customers. We are no different except we have made lots of new changes.

New Location

We have since moved to a larger office which allows us to operate in a much improved environment and give our customers more space to feel comfortable. See our details here.

Over the next few months we will be looking at ways to improve the asthetics of our office to welcome our new customers.

What are we doing about covid?

As with all businesses opening up to welcome customers, we have followed UK Government guidelines and have implemented the following measures:

  • Our employees are trained in spotting Covid19 symptoms and have a process to deal with recognised cases

  • Our staff will remain a distance of at least 1 meter from all persons within our office

  • There will be no contact between our staff and our customers' including babies

  • We have implemented a strict regime of cleaning before, during and after each session

  • We have installed safety signs through-out our office to guide all customers on our rules

  • Currently, our kitchen is out of bounds to our customers however, our staff will provide refreshments to you following cleaning and hygiene routines

  • Our staff will change into uniform whilst at work, and thoroughly clean before starting work

  • Whilst Covid19 has introduced new measures to the way businesses operate, we have kept our courses and sessions to the same time allowances. However, we have increased the distancing between everyone to a minimum of 1 meter

  • We have removed our waiting area to minimise the potential to crowd building

  • We have implemented control measures to ensure sufficient distance and time between people entering, and leaving the building, and those entering are on an invite-only basis

  • Sanitisers are placed through-out our office available for regular use

  • Our toilet facilities are restricted for use by one person at a time, and are included in our cleaning regime

  • Included into our cleaning regime, we allow 20 minutes of ventilation of our office space prior to opening, and once again before closing. During the day, we may introduce further ventilation procedures

  • Face masks are optional in our building, however those who wish to wear a face mask, or have recently recovered from Covid19 symptoms are encouraged to bring their own masks for use. We do have some spares available upon entry to our building.

For more information about our Covid19 risk assessment, please contact us here.

New course dates for Baby Massage

In the last few weeks we have seen a surge in demand for our baby massage courses. As a result, we have introduced a second set of dates during November for those who wish to book on a course before the new year.

All courses are required to be booked and paid for online, to ensure security in your place on our baby massage course. For those who are still worried about distancing measures, but are still interested in our baby massage course, please contact us so we can understand your requirements as we may have an alternative solution for you.

Life Coaching

We will continue offering our life coaching sessions virtually by arrangement, and now through the opening of our office we are introducing a face to face meeting (following strict Covid19 guidelines) for those who feel uncomfortable with a virtual meeting.

What to expect in the coming months

This year has been quite a ride for us all, however we have not allowed this to stop our plans for improving the services we offer to our customers. With our recent re-location to a more improved space, and our recent book launch being a success (see here) we are now looking forward to the Christmas holidays and coming into the new year with full optimism and a wrath of new services. Keep peeled with new blog updates for more information.

And a final welcome to all our customers, we have looked forward to meeting you once again. Thank you.


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