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An update to our services

In the last two weeks, we have seen our community pull together and adjust to the new conditions imposed on us in this lockdown. With most shops prioritising to those in need, critical workers, and ensuring everyone gets something. We no longer live in a world of luxury, we are now in a world of basic needs. So, spare a thought, or maybe some of your time for those who are home alone or our elderly. There are great schemes floating around at the moment to check in on those who are vulnerable so at Cotton Family, we urge you to sacrifice a small amount of your time to call loved ones, relatives, neighbours and even those nearby you don't know.

Cotton Family also wishes to pay respect to those working in the NHS. Their courage to stand up in the face of a national crisis, work through long shifts to ensure people get the healthcare needed and deal with un-imaginable conditions deserves nothing less than a huge appreciation for their efforts, from us all.

So how are we helping our community? The last two weeks have seen us put our life coaching services online and link to a virtual terminal thus making life coaching accessible to anyone with a smartphone or tablet. We are working on new ways to reach out to our community to help others, but most of all ensuring all our families are kept safe.

And with that ending, we urge everyone to follow the Government guidelines in the most strictest manner. We all play a part in survival, to protect those around us, our friends and family.



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