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Discovering Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the psychological process of purposely bringing your attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgement.

The art of mindfulness can change your own perception of who you are in relation to others around you; It is considered a technique to enrich your life. But, where did Mindfulness come from? Over recent years it certainly has become more popular with the western people. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to trace it's origins, however in general mindfulness is practised in various religions and traditions - from Hinduism and Buddhism to yoga and, more recently non-religious meditation.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Listing the benefits of mindfulness is much like quantifying the value of love. However, research has shown that applying mindfulness techniques has health benefits ranging from stress and pain relief, improved sleep patterns to a greater chance of breaking out of depression or addictions.

There are different techniques of mindfulness too, from basic meditation, body sensations, sensory, emotions and urge surfing amongst others. The journey to discover mindfulness will lead you through many of these practices and over time, as with listing the benefits of mindfulness, I will touch on each of the basic techniques with you.

So in short, the mindful way to wellbeing is life-changing. If you choose it, you'll need to follow a routine of short mindfulness meditations. Alongside that, you'll need to become aware of any ingrained habits of mind that have stopped you, so far, from living life to the full. I am known as Sparkie, and I will be running short mindfulness sessions in the very near future. Show your interest by contacting me here.


I will leave you with a few truths and myths about Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is

- Recognising feelings without becoming caught up in them

- Identifying yourself as who you truly are - and not identifying yourself with your feelings or mistakes

- Living more in the moment and less in the past and future

- A way to colutivate happiness that's suitable for all

Mindfulness is NOT:

- Emptying the mind or stopping thinking

- A relaxation technique, though it will make you more relaxed as a by-product

- An escape from personality - it reveals to us our personality

- A charter for living life without planning.



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